Lab Meetings are held every Thursday, 8:00 - 9:30 AM, in CSL 508


Date Research Presentation Journal Club Group
7 Arthur Cheng A
14   B
21   C
28   D
5   A
12  Sheri Wu B
19 Arthur Cheng C
26 Sally Luong D
2  Matthew Mealka
9 Garland Jackson/Samantha Cohen B
16  Rachel Koch C
23  No Lab Meeting-Thanksgiving   
30 Emilie Tate/Laura Trenev D
7  Joshua Mireles/Olivia Musil  A
14 Elinaz Farokhi  B
21 Lovet/Myung  C

Journal Club Groups:
Group A: Ryne, Citlayi
Group B: Sara T.-R., Sheri
Group C: Samantha, Garland
Group D: Elinaz, Arthur, Huxford

Rules for Research Presentations: 
Give an introduction to the problem you are studying and then present your results focusing on the raw data. We want to see chromatograms, gels, photographs, etc. Aim for 20 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes of discussion.

Rules for Journal Club: 
Each student is to present one relatively current journal article that is of general interest to the lab either in content or in technique. Undergraduates are required to authorize their choice of paper with Dr. Huxford by the Friday before lab meeting. No more than 10 minutes will be allowed for the presentation and allow some time for questions.

*The Journal Club group is responsible for providing snacks.